“Fix and flip” television shows have inspired dreams of fast money and a flexible lifestyle. If they’ve got you entertaining visions of flipping homes, you should know that making a profit won’t necessarily be quick or easy. But you can do it—and be ethical and kind in the process. In Get Rich, but Not Quick, real estate expert Edward Beck debunks the get-rich-quick allure of real estate investment. Using real-life examples, he guides readers through everything they must know to tackle their own fixer-upper, including choosing the right home or contractor, arranging financing, deciding whether to rent or sell, and more. Edward also demonstrates how to use compassion and Christian values to avoid being a “shark.” Real estate investment is a competitive business. But Get Rich, but Not Quick can help make it the best opportunity to create the life of your dreams.


“Edward has been through every type of market cycle there is, and grown a highly profitable business that truly serves him, his family, and his clients. This book should be required reading for anyone wanting true wealth, not just to turn a quick deal. He’s one of the good guys.”
– Trevor Mauch, CEO of InvestorCarrot
“I have watched Edward use his approach to helping people on several occasions. What he explains in this book works – for seller and buyer!”
– Pastor Charles Nieman, Abundant Living Faith Center


“Edward knows so much about the intricacies of buying and selling or renting houses for a profit! I have sought his advice on many occasions when doing business in my real estate company. I am going to share this book with my whole family and all of my friends who either are in or want to be in the residential real estate business!” 
– C. Ferris Karam, Karam Construction