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Quicksell Apprenticeship

The Quicksell Apprenticeship is catered towards El Paso Investors ready to take their personal investing up a notch. The Apprenticeship includes classes, guest speakers, leveraged relationships with lenders and suppliers and tons of additional perks.

Take 20 minutes to watch this video. It’ll explain the ins and outs of the Apprenticeship and address the cost up front. This is not a pressure sale or an attempt to get rich on our part, our heart is to build a team of Investors that together go on to build deep portfolios and get wealthy while playing the long game. 


People around the nation call in and drop in to spend time gleaning from Edward’s 15 years of ups and downs and by joining the Apprenticeship you have access to that experience at your leisure. Being connected to Edward give you an edge that allows you to avoid or minimize years of heartache.


Quicksell Apprentices have access to two topical monthly meetings. These meetings will grown you and your understanding of Investing. If you make it a point to show up for these conversations whether in person or digitally, you will gain a deeper understanding of the trials and rewards that come from being an Investor.

Access to Better Money

Because Edward has been investing so long, he has developed relationships with lenders who move quickly, efficiently (and often times) less expensively than you would be able to find on your own. 

The Network

Our team of investors offer a deep well of knowledge and experience along with tons of contacts for the BEST pricing on HVAC, Granite, General Contractors, and most importantly, MONEY.

Cherry Picking Deals

Probably the most enticing reason to join the Apprenticeship program… Being a Quicksell Apprentice gives you access to one of the top sources of high equity deals in El Paso, and as an Apprentice you get to see any properties we sign 72 hours before our other 250 buyers.

Money Makers

There are ways thru the apprenticeship to make money without buying a single property. These “money makers” are not available to the public buyer. This is an Apprentice perk only.


The apprenticeship has been great for my wife and I. We have learned a lot in the past two years not just about flipping homes, but personal finances, and developing good financial habits and how to be prepared for world economic situations both good and bad.

Juan & Alma Suarez

We were looking for a way to expand and be introduced to various forms of investments. With Quicksell we found that and new people to call friends as a bonus.

Luis & Dairy Ramirez

When I started the Apprenticeship I was completely ignorant to the world of investing. In under 2 years. I’ve purchased 2 properties, flipped a 3rd one (that made my team $39,000), and made over $8,500 on side hustles. All without the fear of going it alone. Best investment ever!

Michael Gonzalez

The Apprenticeship has been an extremely valuable source of information. The education Edward provides, along with the ability to network and talk with others in the real estate industry, are a perfect recipe for success in this highly competitive market

John Giron