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The vision is simple; Educate and Empower Real Estate Investors on their journey to build a Real Estate Empire.


We have a myriad of tools that will aid you in your journey to building your portfolio and becoming a real estate mogul. Investing in your understanding and knowledge is the first step to success as an investor.


This program is catered towards El Paso Investors ready to take their personal investing up a notch. Includes classes, guest speakers, leveraged relationships with lenders and suppliers and tons of additional perks.


In Get Rich, but Not Quick, real estate expert Edward Beck debunks the get-rich-quick allure of real estate investment. Using real-life examples, he guides readers through everything they must know to tackle their own fixer-upper, including choosing the right home or contractor, arranging financing, deciding whether to rent or sell, and more. 

Audio Book

Are you more of an audio book type of person? Don’t worry We’ve got you covered.

The Quicksell App

As you know the hardest thing to do is feel confident in the offer you’re making to a motivated seller. Edward designed an app available thru the AppStore that will help you make confident offers on the fly.

Rental / Flip / Wholesaling Sessions

(Coming Soon)

Edward is currently working on two video programs that will teach the ins-and-outs of becoming a full time Flipper and or Starting your Rental Portfolio.


Free Resources

Over the past 5 years Edward has been recording videos that will offer valuable insight into the world of an investor. Click the Photo above to get access to a ton of Edward’s past videos that will help you along the way!


Edward in a Snapshot

Edward has been Investing in Real Estate for the past 15 years and is still actively pursuing wholesales, rentals and flipping on a day to day basis. When you plug into his experience you plug into.


Properties WHOLESALED or flipped

Years of experience


Why we are different

We pride ourselves in honesty, transparency and doing our best to live with Christian values. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we aim to unapologetically represent Jesus to everyone we work with. So when you work with us you can count on Integrity and Grace in our interactions and our products.


Most of the self claimed “REAL ESTATE EXPERTS” that you see on youtube are basing all of their knowledge on theory, reading and regurgitating other youtube experts words. Edward has been and still is currently in the Investment Business. Take a Look at a couple of his most recent projects.

From Our Clients

We have a myriad of Clients – Buyers, Sellers, Apprentices etc. Here’s what they had to say about their experience with Quicksell and Edward. 

I have recommended Quicksell to all that have asked me about real estate needs. They are a good team of believers and doers.”

James Duran

Me explicaron muy bien el proceso y todo fue muy rápido, es una excelente opción si tu casa necesita muchas reparaciones ellos la compran en cualquier condición.”

Alejandro Saldaña

Quicksell’s Apprentice Program is a unique, hands-on experience, with less risk than diving in on your own, due to detailed, real world, step-by-step guidance throughout every stage of investing.

Wallace Kennett

I have used Quick Sell as a resource for other potential investors and have never been disappointed. Edward and his team are always very helpful, knowledgeable and informative. Thanks guys.

George Tyus

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